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Arsenal.ImageMounter Namespace

Public classAPI
API for manipulating flag values, issuing SCSI bus rescans and similar tasks.
Public classDeviceObject
Base class that represents Arsenal Image Mounter SCSI miniport created device objects.
Public classDiskDevice
Represents disk objects, attached to a virtual or physical SCSI adapter.
Public classDiskStream
A FileStream derived class that represents disk devices by overriding properties and methods where FileStream base implementation rely on file API not directly compatible with disk device objects.
Public classDriverSetup
Routines for installing or uninstalling Arsenal Image Mounter kernel level modules.
Public classGlobalCriticalMutex
Public classScsiAdapter
Represents Arsenal Image Mounter objects.
Public classScsiAdapterDeviceProperties
Object storing properties for a virtual disk device. Returned by QueryDevice() method.
Public enumerationAPIRegisterWriteFilterOperation
Public enumerationDeviceFlags
Values for flag fields used when creating, querying or modifying virtual disks.