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ImDiskAPICreateDevice Method (Int64, String, ImDiskAPIMemoryType, String, UInt32)
Creates a new memory backed ImDisk virtual disk with the specified size in bytes, or with disk volume data from an image file. Memory could be either virtual memory allocated directly by ImDisk driver, or physical memory allocated by AWEAlloc driver.

Namespace: LTR.IO.ImDisk
Assembly: ImDiskNet (in ImDiskNet.dll) Version: (
public static void CreateDevice(
	long DiskSize,
	string ImageFile,
	ImDiskAPIMemoryType MemoryType,
	string MountPoint,
	ref uint DeviceNumber


Type: SystemInt64
Size of virtual disk. This parameter can be zero if ImageFile parameter specifies an image file, in which case the size of the existing image file will be used as size of the newly created virtual disk volume.
Type: SystemString
Optional name of image file that will be loaded onto the newly created memory disk.
Type: LTR.IO.ImDiskImDiskAPIMemoryType
Specifies whether to use virtual or physical memory for the virtual disk.
Type: SystemString
Mount point in the form of a drive letter and colon to create for newly created virtual disk. If this parameter is Nothing/null the virtual disk will be created without a drive letter.
Type: SystemUInt32
In: Device number for device to create. Device number must not be in use by an existing virtual disk. For automatic allocation of device number, pass UInt32.MaxValue. Out: Device number for created device.
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